Type | Marketing     Role | Designer     Year | 2023
This concept was created to test my latest skills in 3D modeling! Finding an interest in this field since the start of this year, I created a social media concept that revolved around donuts and combined graphic design with 3D design.
Along with the initial challenges of learning the 3D modeling process, I also ran into the challenge of creating 3D elements while maintaining a cohesive concept. To overcome this, I used the same colors throughout the designs and used additional elements that could be re-used to create balanced visuals without causing the feel of stagnant repetition. For this project, I used Blender and Adobe Illustrator to create the elements, and although it's great that I'm learning how to use multiple tools, even between these two, the processes are very different and can be difficult to remember at times. 
Overall, I enjoyed exploring a different area of graphic design and being able to create things with new dimensions! I love looking at the rendered results every time, and I intend to keep working on this skill and incorporate it into future designs.

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